Heikki Ahvenainen | Photo

I believe that the main incentive for my artistic work is the quest for freedom and exploration. I create abstract three dimensional images through experimental techniques and try to break the conventional ways of 3d modelling and image editing.

My creative process is always evolving but it usually starts with a rough idea of some abstract shape or idea in my mind. I then continue to modify it and try to achieve something that makes me feel excited. I highly rely on technology and a lion’s share of my creative process undeniably consists of twiddleing various knobs inside a computer program. In short, my images are a mixture of digital possibilities, playful experiments and my intuition.

At times I wish I could more clearly comprehend the history of art and somehow link my images to that as well. On the other hand I feel that I’m just much more interested in researching digital possibilities and putting them into practice. And when we can’t even say what art actually is, I tend to reason that maybe my “art” could be based solely on digital technology and me experimenting with it.